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Zoom Meeting ID instructions for Orchestra students

Hello Orchestra Parents and students!

I look forward to video conferencing with your students on Mondays and Wednesdays and wanted to share the code that is my meeting room.  Instead of me emailing everyone just before the meeting, all your student will need to do every time is enter this 9 digit code that is my digital classroom.  Your student will of course need to be on the zoom app or go to to “Join a meeting.” When they click on Join a Meeting they will be prompted to enter a Meeting ID.  I emailed my meeting ID to you on March 29th.  If you can't find it please email me.  After they put those numbers in -- it should direct them to a waiting room and I will allow them into the classroom at their designated time.  Classes will be about 40 minutes long like they usually are at school.  Please have your student’s instrument, music book and any music they were recently playing in class nearby because we will be playing together.  Please have them login to their class at their designated class time.  Here is the schedule for Mondays and Wednesdays:

9am – 5th grade orchestra

10am – 4th period

11am – 5th period

12pm - 7th period


6pm option on Monday nights is for students who are not allowed computer access during the day.  Please email me to be invited to that class.

Also I want to stress this is only one option for your student to get points for orchestra.  It is not mandatory that they participate in video conferencing to receive full points for the week.  Please refer to my website for other options to receive credit.


Thank you!

Stay Healthy!

Stay Falcon Strong!

Rock On!

Mrs. Ahlborn

K-2 Jazz Fly with Freddie and Mrs. Ahlborn

This is a video of Mrs. Ahlborn and the Jazz Fly book by Mathew Gollub. Be sure and download the coloring pages that go along with this so your student can sing, dance and color with this video!

5th period Noteflight assignment for March 23 - 27th

I have shared with you a score titled "Book 2 ex. 163".  There are 3 to 4 mistakes in my score.  Fix the score and then record yourself playing in the correct key, save it and share your recording with me.
7th period can also do this assignment if they have their blue Book 2 String Basics book.

Noteflight Book 2 ex. 163 mistakes and recording

This is the Noteflight assignment for March 23-26 for 5th period. 7th period can also do this for fun if they have their Book 2. This is a video of how you can access Book 2 ex. 163. You are supposed to fix the mistakes and then record yourself playing the correct version and share it with me.

5th and 6th grade Noteflight Assignment for week of March 23 -27

5th and 6th graders can get on Noteflight and do this activity. Make sure you save it to the cloud so I can grade it! If you have any questions please email or video chat with me during your class video conference.

Orchestra student options for online learning

Options for receiving full 50 points each week for online learning.  If you complete one of these options by the end of each week by Friday at 1pm - you will get full attendance and grade points for the week.  You may do more than one option if you would like.

  1. A specific Noteflight assignment will be given each Monday. This is not just getting on and composing whatever you want.  This is a specific activity assigned to your class period that must be completed by the Fri. of that week by 1pm.
  2. The student or parent fills out a google sheet link I send on Friday morning telling me how many minutes their student practiced each day that week. At least 15 minutes each school day.
  3. A video of yourself playing an exercise in the book or specific measures from a concert piece you’ve been working on. This needs to be emailed to me before Fri. by 1pm.
  4. Video conference with me and your classmates once during the week. I will email an invitation with a link for you to click on a few minutes before each conference.  During this video conference I will teach a Noteflight concept to the class and then we will look at where we are at in our String Basics books and talk about it.  We can listen to one another play one exercise for the group if they chose but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.  Here is the schedule of my video conferences:

Every Mon/Wed

9am – 5th grade orchestra

10am – 4th period

11am- 5th period

12pm – 7th period

 I will offer one evening video conferencing time for students whose parents won’t allow them computer time until they get home from work on Mondays from 6-7pm.  They will need to email me that they would like to video conference me that evening and I will send a link.

Stay Safe!

Stay healthy!

Stay Falcon Strong!

Mrs. Ahlborn

Freddie the Frog and the Flying Jazz Kitten

This is a video for K-2 graders who have been going on adventures with Freddie all year. This adventure is Freddie's introduction to "Scat" a musical term for improvised singing of nonsense syllables. Please be sure and show your children the Ella Fitzgerald video link I will have here on my website so they can see "live" scatting by one of the best jazz singers!

This is how you can record yourself on Noteflight

This shows you how you can take an exercise in your book and input it into noteflight. Then record yourself playing it so I can access it and listen to you. This is a great way to do a playing test!!

7th period online #1

This is the assignment for March 16-20.  I will be emailing this to parents too.  Please email me if you have any questions or need me to reset your Noteflight password to labuser. 
Mrs. Ahlborn

4th period- 6th grade orchestra March 16-20

Here is the assignment for 4th period orchestra.  They are instructions to access a really cool music program. Also! please have your student play their instrument 15 minutes every school day.  If they don't have a String Basics book 1 please contact me and I can assign one out.
Mrs. Ahlborn