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If you missed Parent Teacher Conferences and your student hasn't shown up with one of these - here is a Partnership paper. This is a contract between me (the teacher), you the parents, and your music student.  Please sit down with your student and ask them what they think they need to do to feel successful in orchestra this year.  I have listed what my goals and job is in this process.  Finally, parents if you will write down three things you can do to support your student and sign the paper - that would be great! It is worth 25 points for your student to turn this in.  Thank you for supporting your child!

Ms. Hirst class playing My Paddle

We learned how to sing and play the Native American songs "My Paddle" and "Land of the Sivler Birch" on multiple instruments in preparation of learning how to sing and play them on the guitar.

Your student needs their String Basics books by Monday

Monday we are getting started in String Basics Book 2 for my Philharmonic 5th period class.  The Chamber Orchestra/7th period class will begin using the String Basics book 3 on Monday too.  These books are amazing because at the back of each book is a computer code you can download that allows your student to practice on their computer with full orchestra accompaniment each exercise in their book. There is also access to video they can watch to help them improve technique.  Please support your student by purchasing their book for them.
Thank you!
Mrs. Ahlborn

Welcome Back!!

I can't wait to see your students on Monday!  If they are in orchestra they don't need to bring their instrument until Tuesday.  Please look for their disclosure document coming home with them on Monday.  It will need to be signed, (which tells me you know when the concerts are and that your student will be there).  Please have your student return their disclosure document by Friday Aug. 23rd.  
I can't wait for the 2019-2020 school year to begin!!
Mrs. Ahlborn

Performance of My Paddle on recorder, guitar, and drums

This is the conclusion of our recorder unit so we combined with what we learned on guitars as well as the drumming. Good job!

Ms.Griffeth's class performing My Paddle and Land of the Silver Birch

We performed these songs with guitars, drums, xylos, triangles and recorders!