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MR B's Update 11/16/2018

Happy (almost) Turkey Day!
Time is flying by. We are almost a third of the way through 2nd term already. Before we know it snow will be flying and gifts will be under the tree. In the meantime, we have entered our Technology and Engineering unit in CCA. This week students have completed a safety test so that they can use or shop area, under supervision of course. Students will not be required to use the machines, but can if they want to. We'll probably start a project that will involve some shop use the week after Thanksgiving. The past few days they have been tinkering around in Sketchup, a 3D modeling and design platform. They are practicing by designing a simple house, but the goal will be for them to be able to use it to design a project, and then use that design to build the actual project.
In PE the students have been enjoying a variety of team sports activities, depending on weather and field/gym availability. The past couple of weeks have consisted primarily of either volleyball outdoors, or basketball in the gym. As we continue with basketball (and other sports) I hope to be able to help students understand the importance and value of working together as a team, and utilizing all team members to be successful. 
Thank you for your support. Please contact me anytime with any questions or concerns.
Mr. Bridges

Mr. B's Update 10/12/2018

Term 1 is winding down, where does the time go? These past 2 weeks in CCA we have been studying careers in healthcare as part of our Health Science unit. Students closed out this week by investigation "The Case of the Poisoned Picnic". They took on the role of epidemiologists to study all the details, find the evidence, and determine the cause of an illness outbreak at a community banquet. Besides exploring this career, learning about a few illnesses and what causes them, and putting on their detective hats they also learned not to drink fruit punch from recently soldered metal milk cannisters.
PE has been a myriad of things lately due to weather and juggling playing fields/gym availability. But we are in the midst of an ultimate frisbee unit that many of the students have enjoyed and I have seen some great teamwork and plenty of effort expended. When the students are tired at the end of class I feel like we've done something good. I appreciate the patience and understanding of the students with our limited facility/field availability at times.
Next week is fall break and that will bring parent teacher conferences the following week. I look forward to seeing many of you there and talking about your great students! As always, please feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions or concerns. I welcome and appreciate feedback from parents.  Thanks!

Mr. B's Update 09/28/2018

Wow, 6 weeks into the year already. Things are going well in CCA. Students to this point have spent time on exploring their aspirations, analyzing the realities of life's expenses, recognizing priorities and the importance of time management, the value of planning and teamwork, and an introduction to some basic coding using We are now moving into our Health Science unit where we will explore pathways and opportunities in the healthcare field. Follow this link for more information on the CTE pathways covered in CCA: .
We have a great group of students this year and I am looking forward to wrapping up this first term on a strong note!
Mr. Bridges

Mr. B's Update - Week One

It's been a successful first week! We kick started CCA with a mini project where students designed and built a boat out of a square of aluminum foil, checked how well it would float, and then added weight (pennies) until it sunk. Some boats held as much as 200 pennies before collapsing! We have also covered disclosures, as well as some rules and procedures. We should be wrapping up administrative stuff early next week and jump into our first unit. If a copy of the disclosure document did not make it home you can find it linked below this post on my website. This is their first assignment, please review, sign and send back.
PE is a new adventure for me this year and I am looking forward to it. These students have a lot of energy and I can't wait to put it to good use in developing their fitness skills and attitudes. They will be expected to dress out in gym clothes starting Monday, 8/27 and we will jump into our first unit which includes soccer and conditioning. I have also sent home a disclosure for PE, please review, sign and send back with your student. If it did not make it home it is linked below.
Thank you.
Mr. Bridges

Welcome to CCA / Digital Literacy

Hello Parents and Students,

With  the new school year just around the corner I wanted to put out a quick note regarding our class this year. It should be a lot of fun, we will be exploring college and career pathways while developing skills in digital literacy as well. As much as possible this will be accomplished through project based learning with hands on, interactive learning activities and projects.

As far as what students need to bring to class, I am keeping that pretty simple this year, something to write with and a positive attitude! There are also some optional classroom supplies that can be donated for all students to use, as outlined below. I am looking forward to another great year in our CCA (College and Career Awareness) classroom. Please let me know of any questions or concerns as we enter this new year, or throughout the year as they may arise.


Mr. Bridges

C&CA Student Supply List 2018-2019 (required for each student)

Pencil/Pen – bring to class every day

An open mind and positive attitude!

Classroom Supply list 2018-2019 (optional, for classroom use)

-      hand sanitizer

-      disinfecting wipes (Clorox or other)

-      Band Aids

-      Kleenex/Tissues

-      AA batteries

-      gallon or quart size Ziploc bags

-      Expo dry-erase markers (colors)

-      Pencils

-      Scissors

-      Notebook or graphing paper

Mr. B's Update 05/11/18

We're feeling the crunch as the school year draws to a close. This week we have started final projects in all my classes. CCA students are working on a bridge building project where they will put their design and engineering skills to the test. I think most students are excited about it and I am excited to see what they produce. I have been impressed with the focus I have seen as they have started to build these. 
Digital Literacy students are working on a film project. In their groups they have picked a movie and are going to be filming their own version of the movie, but in 2 minutes or less. They will be required to use not only their acting, but also critical thinking skills in order to tell the full story in an abbreviated form.
Thank your for all your support throughout the year. I can't say enough how much I love working with your students. They are amazing!
Mr. B

Mr. B's Update 04/30/18

May is upon us! We are in the home stretch. Mid-term grade reports will be coming home this week. Students can get them signed and bring back for extra credit. If there are questions about missing or graded assignments please feel free to email me, or students can stop by before or after school or during lunch. 
CCA students have been working on 3D designs to be printed on our 3D printer. The first designs should start printing within the next few days.
Digital Literacy students have wrapped up Stop Motion and we are viewing the finished videos in class today. While there is certainly room for improvement, considering it was the first attempt for many students I am pleased with what they accomplished.
Looking forward to a strong finish to the year!
Mr. B

Mr. B's Update 04/13/2018

I hope everyone's spring break was as restful and enjoyable as mine. I can't believe how quick it went by. We had a great first week back. Digital literacy students have made a lot of progress on their stop motion projects and we are planning to wrap those up in the coming week. I am excited to see their films.
In CTE we have begun a unit on health science. Students have been familiarizing themselves with medical terminology, please ask them what they've learned. On the career preparation side we have also spent some time talking about how to get a job, including how to be presentable, make a good first impression and fill out a job application. Next week we will be exploring how germs are spread and the importance of hand washing as well as an investigation into a food poisoning epidemic!
Have a great weekend!
Mr. Bridges

Mr. B's Update 03/23/2018

4th term, week 1, mission accomplished. Hard to believe April and Spring Break are just around the corner...
We began 4th term in CTE with a discussion on Financial Responsibility and students tested their financial knowledge by playing Financial Football. They've also been working on a mini project creating a customized ringtone. Starting with a song they have edited and revised it down to a 15-20 second clip that can be used as a phone ringtone. Best part is, it's all done on free software they can use at home.
Digital Literacy students are continuing with their Lego stop motion projects. Set building is mostly complete and they have begun "filming" their Lego movies. They have come up with some pretty unique and creative ideas for their films and I can't wait to see the final products. In the meantime, stop motion requires a lot of patience and diligence, not always readily available at this age, so this next week or two should be fun!
As always, please let me know of any questions or concerns. Thanks for having such great kids!
Mr. Bridges

Mr B's End of Term Update 03/09/18

The end of the term is upon us. Any late or missing work is due by Monday, March 12th as grades will be turned in on Tuesday the 13th. If there are any questions or concerns please let me know.
Looking forward to a great Term 4!
Mr Bridges

Mr. B's Update 03/02/2018

Thank you to everyone who attended Parent-Teacher Conferences last week. I really enjoyed speaking with all of you and am grateful your kids are in my classes. If there is every anything I can do to help them be successful please let me know.
We have some fun projects in the works. CCA students have been working on bedroom designs and it's been fun to see their creativity at work. "Construction" on their models will begin this coming week. Their design and architecture brains will be getting a work out.
Digital Literacy students have completed stop motion animations using Stikbots and we are now moving on to using Legos. They will be scripting out a storyline, building a set and creating the animation with Lego minifigures. We've had some delays this week and they seem to be chomping at the bit so I can't wait to get started!
Let the March Madness begin!!!
Mr Bridges

Mr. B's Mid-Term Update 02/12/2018

With mid-term upon us and parent teacher conferences next week I am in process of grading and entering all current work into Aspire. Please encourage your students to get any missing or late work in this week, although it will still be accepted after (but they don't need to know that :)). That way they can enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend all the more!
Thank you for all you do!
Mr. B