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Immortal Gladiator

7th grade was supposed to perform this last year at our year-end concert. Better late then never!

Viva La Vida by Coldplay arranged by Larry Moore

8th grade Chamber Orchestra performing one of our favorites!

6th Grade Holiday concert 2020

Special thanks to Josh Millward for videoing and editing our Holiday Concert!

7th Grade Orchestra Holiday Concert!

Special thanks to Josh Millward for videoing all our Holiday Concerts! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

8th Grade Holiday Concert 2020

Special thanks to Josh Millward for videoing and editing our Holiday Concert! Thanks to the publishing companies who allowed us to perform/video this music. This concert will be up for 3 days - enjoy! Happy and Healthy Holidays!

Blues for You

This is an audio performance video of the 8th grade music AT's performing a piece called Blues for Four by Mike Christiansen. There are four guitar parts to this song. They did a nice job and as you can see in the video I am going to use their recording as part of my unit on the Blues and Jazz. Thanks ladies!

5th Grade Holiday Concert!

It was so fun to put the cellos, violas and violins together for the first time to play in the auditorium! Good job! Special thanks to my 8th grade orchestra AT's Emma Roundy and Payton Blackburn for helping in the classroom and in the concert!

7th Grade Orchestra - Thank You Reagan Academy

7th Grade Orchestra performing "Simple Gifts" and "Hymn of Praise." We are thankful for the amazing teachers and staff at Reagan Academy that make it great! Happy Thanksgiving!

Glowing D Major Scale performed by the 6th Grade Orchestra

Who would think a D major scale could be this fun in 6th grade orchestra! Left over glow sticks are highly motivating! May "D" Force Be With You!

Spooky Sound Effects for a story

Click on this link

to get to the Halloween Unit.  Scroll down until you find

4. Halloween Sound Effects

Click on Spooky Sound Effects!  I encouraged the students this week to go home and write a spooky story with these sound effects.  Good Luck!

Liberty Bell March by Denise Gagne

3rd and 4th grade will be virtually performing this for Veteran's Day this year. Please have your student practice with any kind of stick you can find including pencils or pens. If possible, please have them wear a red, white or blue polo (collared) shirt on Mon. Oct. 12th (Russon's Class),Wed. Oct. 21st (Crowder's class) and Thursday Oct. 22nd (Bursey's class). 4th grade please wear a polo shirt on Mon. Oct. 12th and Oct. 19th. This helps us look sharp and professional for the video! They are amazing! Thanks!

Dragon Hunter by Richard Myer performed by 7th Grade

Just in time for Halloween! Our favorite song yet! Dragon Hunter by Richard Myer. Great job!