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How to hold a Violin or Viola

This is a lesson on how to properly hold your violin or viola. Please make sure you have a shoulder rest! If you need me to put finger tapes on your instrument, please email me and drop your instrument off at the front office. I will email you back when your instrument is ready to be picked up. If you need me to look at how you are holding your instrument please set up a zoom conference time with me after school when I can help you.

Immortal Gladiator

7th grade was supposed to perform this last year at our year-end concert. Better late then never!

Conquest by Jeremy Woolstenhulme

We rehearsed this last spring for our year-end concert but alas there was no concert. Now with those students remaining we polished it back up. It's never too late to perform "Conquest!"

Elementary Music for Online learners

If you are in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade and would like to do music at home I am going to give this link to the Musicplay website.  Click on your grade and look around the site! There are music games, videos and ways you can learn about rhythm, note reading and listening activities.  Click on the link below and then click on the "Student Login Guide" which will give you information on how to access the online learning section.  This online learning section will give you lesson plans, activities and worksheets your student can do at home.  I will be using this website in the classroom as well. Online students don't need to turn in anything to me - just participate in the lessons at home.
Here is the link:
Have fun!
Mrs. Ahlborn

Here is a screen shot of Musicplay - an online music website for elementary students.  Click on the orange "Student Login Guide" to the right of the screen to find out how to access the online lessons.

Welcome Reagan Academy Orchestras!

Here is my "Back to School Night" tour of how orchestra will be a little different this year. Can't wait to see you Wednesday Aug. 19th! Rock On! Look for other posts on how to pick your child's instrument size.

How to know what size of instrument to get - violin/viola

Since you will need to rent or purchase your student their violin or video, here is some information on how to know what size to get. If possible, please take your student to the music store to fit the instrument to them.  Here is a link to read and a short video 
Good luck! And thanks for your support!

Ben's Pirates

Ben, a Reagan Academy 6th grader made an arrangement of Pirates of the Caribbean on Noteflight. Many in our 6th grade orchestra class have been playing it these past few weeks. Thanks for sharing with us Ben!