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I am amazed that this is my 23rd year of teaching school!  I am one of the three language arts specialists here at Reagan. This year my focus is on small group instruction for 3rd grade reading, 5th grade reading, writing, and math.  I am a very enthusiastic, flexible teacher who enjoys getting students excited about learning.  I am also delighted to be assisting Miss Elkins in conducting the 5th grade choir.  I teach piano, ride bikes. and ski to occupy my free time. 


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Sage tests are coming up

It's the time of year that we take the Sage tests.  Of course we are trying to find the magic balance between helping students try their best on the tests, but not get too stressed out by the test.  I encouarge you to go over these ideas with your child, as I am going over them in class.  I am sending a copy home on Friday.  Thanks for your support as parents.  I have truly enjoyed teaching your children this year.  They are delightful.

Your Name _____________________________  TEST TAKING STRATEGIES TO HELP ME SUCCEED

I am a triumphant test taker!  I know how to use these tools to do my best on tests!

I know where the Test taking onscreen tools are ______

Draw me a picture


I know how to use the dictionary ______

I know how to flag a question _______

I know how and when to use the help button ______

I know how to use the strikeout button ________

I know that some of these questions are meant to be harder than I know how to do.  I try to read each question 3x and then flag them if I don’t know how to do them.  Then I come back after I have finished the test to try them one more time to see if I can figure them out._____________

I always read each question first and then try to read the passage at least 3 times. _______

I agree that just clicking through the test does not help me, my teachers, or my school.  I DO MY BEST ON TESTS_____________

I get enough sleep (around 9 hours) the week and night before the test.  __________

I eat a nutritious breakfast the a.m. before a test _________

I drink plenty of water 2-3 days before the test and the a.m. of the test ______

I always finish the test and then recheck my answers one more time_______

I know how to use the test calculator________

I know how to type fractions and exponents on the test ______

I have viewed the tutorials ____________

I always take a paper and 2 sharpened pencils with me when testing ________

I make a graphic organizer to help me keep focused on my writing _______

I know I can start figuring answers to questions by trial and error__________

I know I can eliminate answers to help me find the correct one _________

I know if I’m frustrated on a question, I can use belly breathing by smelling a flower to inhale through my nose and then blowing out a candle to exhale out my mouth.  I can do this at least 3 times ________

I know moving and stretching just before and during a test can help me concentrate more __________

I know that a test is a fun challenge that I can meet.  The score helps me and my teacher know what I need to learn___________  It is not a measure of how smart I am or how good of a person I am.

I know how to pace myself on a test.  I don’t rush _____

I don’t have to be first.  I stay focused, so it doesn’t take me too long________

I know that research has shown that taking a short break every 17 minutes, will help me stay focused _____

I am an amazing test taker ____________

Just before bed review

Did you know that your brain reviews the things you do just before sleeping the most?  I encourage each student to spend 5 minutes a day reviewing spelling words, math facts or other concepts learned during the day just prior to bed.  Let your brain do your review for you by just recalling the information to your mind just before sleeping.  Then, if you look at it just as you arise, it will be reinforced again.  Lots of studies verify this procedure, and it helps on days when homework may have been missed.  Thanks for helping your child start a new habit!

Spelling words

Spelling words for this week are blouse, clown, brow, cow, frown, house, doghouse, cloud, brown, wheelchair, popcorn, sandbox, football, fingernail, sunflower, startfish, lighthouse, doorbell, newspaper, notebook, The tests are on Fridays.

Book reports

Historical fiction book reports were assigned at the beginning of the month.  Students should complete one section each week.  Today, Jan. 19, section one of the book reoprt was due.   On the sheet that was provided to each student, they were to : (They can just use lined paper, if they have misplaced it)
#1 Tell the historical era in which the event took place.
#2 LIst and use 5 sentences to tell about 2 important people dueinr the era and explain why they were important.
#3 Explain the conditions of your historical evet/era.  What was the worl like during the ear?  What were people thinking during this era?  Was your era happy or sad?  Why?  Please use at least 5 sentences.
#4  Would you liked to have lived during this era/historical event?  Why or why not?  Please use 5 sentences.

Veteran's Day Celebration

My deepest appreciation goes out to the students in the 5th grade choir, as well as the middle school choir, for their wonderful performance today for the Veteran's Day program.  I was so proud of them all watching me and singing so well.  These songs were 2 and 3 parts, and they were challenging.  Bravo to the students for stepping up to the challenge of learning difficult music.  It is so worth it and so uplifting to the audience to have such sincere, polished performers.  Thanks for sharing your talents with me!

Veteran's Day

Ask your student to show you the place setting they drew today from a book called "America's White Table."  This is to honor the memory of POW's and MIA's from the Vietnam War. A small table is set with a white table cloth.  The white tablecloth represents the pure heart of the soldier who answers his countries call to serve.  The slice of lemon and grains of salt on the plate show a captive's bitter fate.  There is an empty chair pushed to the table for the missing soldiers who are not here.  There is a black napkin for the sorrow of  captivity.  A glass is turned over to show the meal that won't be eaten.  There is a white candle for peace and red ribbon tied around a vase with a red rose to represent hope that their loved one will return.  I am offering extra credit to students who set "Americas White Table,"  or at least talk about it with their families.  Please email me if they talked about this with you.  We are proud of our tradition of honoring Veteran's at Reagan Academy.  

A friendly reminder that all work is due MONDAY, Oct. 23.

Getting missing work completed is usually best accomplished in small doses and before fall break.

Start the year off right by using declarations

If you here negative language coming from your student, help them learn to reshape the way they talk to themselves.  We practice a page a day as students enter the room.  This can make such a difference in how our instruction goes and the energy in the room.  Posting  them on a mirror and saying them aloud when waking and just before sleeping can help build self esteem.


Remember to help students get lots of sleep the next 2 weeks, as well as plenty of water, and a high protein and healthy carb-filled breakfast.  Make sure to read the questions carefully and "do your best on tests" as our declaration states. Staying focused and enduring to the end of the passages will help us see your best score possible.  Best of luck.

Math Sage Tests

Dear Parents,
It's test time of year, and so incredibly important that your child be working on their Aleks pie to help review concepts that we have not been able to review in class. As assigned at the beginning of the semester, students should be working on for 20 minutes, 3 times a week. This includes the days that we miss math, because of Sage testing. It's a great time to get caught up! They can do more than the required 60 minutes a week, and it can help improve the scores for the weeks they have missed. Bigbrainz is also another fabulous way to make the SAGE tests easier. The faster they know their facts, the less stress each problem creates. Sleep, water, and a good breakfast with some protein and healthy carbs will also assist your child in doing well on the tests. Best of luck to all. Please encourage them to read all the problems and stay focused to the very end.

Finishing up the Book Inside Out and Back Again

Dear Parents,Students are to finish reading the book over the weekend. I hope you take a moment to talk with them about their favorite poems, and what this book is about. They may find a readable copy at for connecting with your child on this book.

Find the copy of the book Inside Out and Back Again

This is the website where you can find a copy of the book we are reading, "Inside Out and Back Again.     Students are expected to read Part 2 tonight pages 73-111. There are not a lot of words per page.  We areworking on completing as much of thepoetry packet we can in class.

Math shooting for 40 minutes a week working on PIE CHARTS

I'm offering a piece of pie to each student who works 40 minutes a week from now until PIE day on their ALEKS Pie charts.

Successful Fieldtrip

Our students were so well behaved at our field trip. You have great kids! Thanks to Mrs. Thatcher, Mr. Clark and Mrs. Bowen for driving.