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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to volunteer at the library - you can even volunteer at home!  Here are just a few:
Shelving Books - always a need.  Please plan 5-10 minutes on any morning (except Friday) before 9 am for a quick training session.  No need to make an appointment.  Then stop by any time it is convenient for you to help put returned books back on the shelves where they belong.
Covering New Books - This requires a little more training (about 15-20 minutes).  Please email Mrs. Peterson at to set up a time for training.  Covering new books can be done at the school or from home.  
Book Repair - I have a lot of books that need some extra TLC.  This can be done at home or at school and is probably a 20 minute training.  Please email Mrs. Peterson at to set up a time for training. 
Do you have an idea that would help our library?  Please contact Mrs. Peterson and let her know what you think.