Reagan Academy

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Language Arts

Welcome! This page is specifically designed for students and their parents who are enrolled in Mrs. Peterson's 4th Grade Language Arts Class. If you are looking for library resources and information, please try the Homework Help and Library Information tabs located to the right.

  1. Reading - students should read at least 20 minutes each day.  Please read anything of interest. Record reading on your homeroom reading log.
  2. Spelling - you can always find this week's spelling words at Spelling City.  Just click the link below and select the list for this week.
January 3, 2019 - Wahoo! We have started typing.  As part of the writing process and to help prepare your child for older grades, we will now be "publishing" our writing through typing.  Because of this, we are using two online tools.  The first is a classroom Google Drive account.  We use this account mostly at school.  Please note that the account was created only for the purpose of typing and saving schoolwork.  Do not use the email address for communication.  I will not read any emails that go to If you have a gmail account that you already use, to access this one at home, you must first sign out of your personal account.  Login information will be provided on the back of your child's homework binder.  You can access the login page by going to or by clicking on the link here:  
The second online tool is access to the Typing Club website, a free online resource (without ads).  One of the most important things to remember is to type without looking at the keyboard. Learning the positions of the letters on the keyboard from memory and not from sight is called touch typing and is "one of the most valuable skills" your child can learn.  Check out this article to learn 8 benefits of touch typing:  Your child will be ahead of the game if s/he learns this from the beginning.  We will not have enough time to practice keyboarding at school for your child to develop the skill of touch typing so any extra practice you can encourage at home would help your child tremendously!  Here is where you can go to log on to Typing Club (again, login information will be provided on the back of your child's homework binder):