Language Arts

Welcome! This page is specifically designed for students and their parents who are enrolled in Mrs. Peterson's 4th Grade Language Arts Class. If you are looking for library resources and information, please try the Homework Help and Library Information tabs located to the right.

Hello!  You made it to a lot of really great links and homework helps for our language arts class during our school dismissal.
Week 3 Reading Links:
  • Description to Navigate the Storyworks Jr. Read Aloud (I included pictures in the packet sent home - the pictures didn't work here, sadly)
    1. Click the link of the article you'd like read aloud (two links provided below)
    2. Scroll Down 
    3. Click on read article on the left side of the screen.  
    4. Click on the Read Aloud button in the upper right part of the screen.
  1. Reading - students should read at least 20 minutes each day.  Please read anything of interest. Record reading on your homeroom reading log.
  2. Spelling - you can always find this week's spelling words at Spelling City.  Just click the link below and select the list for this week.