7th Period Orchestra (7/8th Graders) (Period 7)


Immortal Gladiator

7th grade was supposed to perform this last year at our year-end concert. Better late then never!

7th period Planbook - please check weekly

Please do the Daily Questions listed in Planbook and email  me the answers by each Friday by 12noon.  If you have a playing test that week-
here is the playing test flipgrid link:
I will count your student's attendance for being in class if they complete a weekly flipgrid of them playing any of the exercises listed in planbook and email me answers to their Daily Questions by Friday of each week. The flipgrid video will allow me to see if your student is understanding the concepts. The zoom conference is every Tues. at 12:50pm but zoom attendance is not mandatory. We will just be rehearsing the pages listed in planbook and they are welcome to join us.
Here is the planbook link - please check it often as I change it according to how well we do in class:

How to tune your violin

This is a basic video on how to tune using a snark tuner. Please turn your pegs very slowly. To make your pitch go higher turn the peg up toward the ceiling. To make the pitch go lower, turn the peg slowly down toward the ground. Please have your student send me a flipgrid of them tuning their D string at this link https://flipgrid.com/b4eaad33 Thanks!

How to tune a stringed instrument video links

Here are three videos about how to tune a violin/viola and cello.  The first video tells why and how we use the pegs and fine tuners.  Here is the link:  https://youtu.be/qbufOE9Ya0Q
This video shows how to use the snark tuner to tune a violin:
Remember the names of the strings from left to right on a violin are G, D, A and E.  On the viola and cello the strings from left to right are C, G, D and A.  
Here is a link on how to tune a cello. (I don't like that he is using his bow.  Just pluck the string with your right hand and tune with your left hand.)
Please be very careful tuning your stringed instrument because if you turn the peg too tight it will snap.  Turn your pegs in very small increments while pushing the peg in.  Remember "righty tighty - lefty loosey" .Good Luck!

Extra information for Orchestra online learners

This is the plan so far for your online orchestra student.
1. It might be helpful if each online student had their own gmail account for me to communicate assignment information with them.  I will continue to have the parent's emails on the group email so you know what is being communicated.
2. Every Tuesday 4th, 5th and 7th period orchestra students can zoom practice with the class during their class time.  I will record this and post it so they can practice along with it throughout the week. 5th grade violin zoom conference will be every Tues class period as well.
3. My online office hours will be every Mondays from 3:30 - 4:30pm.  Please make an appointment either to zoom conference or meet me at the school during that time. 
4. I will answer emails everyday by 4pm.  
5. Please check my website daily for any new information for your student.  I will generally post their new weekly assignment every Monday morning.  All assignments will be due every Friday by noon unless specified differently.
6. For this first week of school please make sure your student has their String Basics Book downloaded and ready for them to view any introductory videos.  There is a link on this my website on how to download this.
7. Also for this first week of school please have their Noteflight account ready to go.  Go to http://reagan-orchestra.sites.noteflight.com and type in your student's first and last name. The password is labuser.  Look for the instructional video on how to get on Noteflight on this website under your studnent's class.
8. I will be using flipgrid for your student's video submissions.  I will email a flipgrid link to your aspire email (which is the parent email - so please look for it parents) or if possible put it on my website. This is a very easy platform for your student to use to send their playing test videos to me.  
9.  I will put a link to my planbook with what we are doing in class and any links I will be using in class.  Daily Questions will be in that planbook and online students can email me their Daily Question answers by Friday at noon or verbally video them and send them to me at this flipgrid link https://flipgrid.com/66af8adf
    They can make a video of them answering the questions, they can share with me a word doc or an email with the answers. Look for your student's planbook link under their class.

How to know what size of instrument to get - violin/viola

Since you will need to rent or purchase your student their violin or video, here is some information on how to know what size to get. If possible, please take your student to the music store to fit the instrument to them.  Here is a link to read and a short video 
Good luck! And thanks for your support!

Welcome Reagan Academy Orchestras!

Here is my "Back to School Night" tour of how orchestra will be a little different this year. Can't wait to see you Wednesday Aug. 19th! Rock On! Look for other posts on how to pick your child's instrument size.

Video of how to get on Noteflight

This video is for my online students showing them how to get on the Noteflight composing program.