Corona Resources & Helps

To turn in library books during this time, please place your books in a plastic grocery bag and drop the bag off near the library door.  Thank you!  
1. Utah Online Library (Always free for Utah citizens)You will need to login with the username: online.  The password was sent home in the Falcon Flyer on March 31, 2020.  Here is the link to the Online Library:  
      • Online Encyclopedias (World Book and Funk & Wagnalls)
      • Culture Grams States Edition
      • Utah County Information
      • Gale Kid's Infobits
      • Explora
      • NeveList K-8 Plus
2. Abdo online resources (free during Corona) -
Our library purchases many of our informational resources from Abdo.  You may even see some books you already recognize.  Use the links below:
Come enjoy a library lesson with Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Woodhouse.  We will share with you the last two book awards and all the winning books (we covered the rest of the awards before Corona). Click on "Stories and Library Lessons" to the right, or press this link:
Go to "Stories and Library Lessons" link on the right, or click here:
Is it possible to get a book from the school library?  The answer is, "probably." The Reagan Academy library is closed to public access at this time.  However, in certain instances, we are still able to provide library books for families.  If you have been unable to find what you need using the other resources shared on this web page, contact Mrs. Peterson by email with your library needs/desires.  She will work as hard as she can to fill your requests, and if possible, she will arrange a way for you to get the book/s. Please contact her by emailing  Be sure to write, "BOOK HELP" in the subject line.
These resources are specifically for the students in Mrs. Peterson's 4th Grade language arts class:
 Library Hours:
M-Th 8:00 - 2:45
F 8:00 - 1:00
Because Mrs. Peterson has after school duties elsewhere in the building, the library is closed after school. If you have any questions or concerns, the best way to contact Mrs. Peterson is to email her:
When is my child's library day
8:00-8:15 am  Early Morning Checkout - Grades 1-8 (K allowed with a parent or older sibling)  
6th, 7th, 8th Grades: M, T, Th during recess portion of lunch - we also have book club happening at the same time for students who want to come listen to a great read aloud
5th Grades:   Wednesday lesson, Friday checkout - 3 week rotation for each class
4th Grades:  Ms. Hirst - Friday, Mrs. Ormond - Thursday, Mrs. Griffiths- Wednesday
3rd Grade:  Mrs. Crowder- Tuesday, Ms. Russon - Thursday,  Ms. Bursey- Friday
2nd Grade, By Reading Class: Mrs. Fox- Tuesday, Mrs. Dohmen- Monday, Mrs. Parker - Wednesday, Mrs. Figuerres - Tuesday
1st Grade:  Mrs. Fackrell - Thursday, Mrs. Smith - Monday, Mrs. Riley- Tuesday
Kindergarten AM and PM: every other Friday - books stay in the classroom
How many books can my child check out and when are the books due?
Kindergarten - 1 book which stays at school
1st - 2nd Grade - 1 book for 2 weeks
3rd - 4th Grades - 2 books for 2 weeks
5th Grade - 2 books for 3 weeks
6th - 8th Grades - 3 books for 3 weeks
parents - 10 books for 3 weeks
Books are due two or three weeks (depending on grade) after the checkout date. 
What if I can't find my book to turn it in?   Usually we will renew the book one time to give you more time to find it.  If your child has an overdue or lost library book beyond one renewal date, they will not be allowed to check-out another book until the missing book is taken care of.  We do not charge late fees.  If the book comes back damaged or if the book is lost, we charge for the replacement cost of the book plus a $3 fee for library materials that were used to get the book ready for checkout (stickers, book covers, labels, tape, etc.)  Paying for a book will remove the book from your child's account and will allow them to check out once again. 
YA Reading Material  YA is the abbreviation for Young Adult.  Because our school serves grades K-8 we have established a YA reading policy.  Grades K-4 may not check out YA materials without parent approval.  Grades 5-8 are allowed YA materials.  Many families want to make decisions about YA materials on their own.  If you allow your child to check out YA materials before 5th grade, or don't want them checking out YA materials even if they are old enough, please let the library know, we will mark it on your child's account. The following chart will give you an idea of how and why a book may be marked YA.

Young Adult Books - 5th Grade and Older


Reason for YA marking:

Pride and Prejudice by J. Austen

Difficult for younger readers

Inkheart by C. Funke


Eragon by C. Paolini


Twilight by S. Meyer

Relationships for older readers 

Mythology by D.K.

Artistic nudity/immodesty