Welcome to the Library!


Library Hours

M-Th   8:00-2:45

F   8:00-1:00

Because Mrs. Peterson has after school duties elsewhere in the building, the library is closed after school. If you have any questions or concerns, the best way to contact Mrs. Peterson is to email her: librarian@reaganacademy.org.


Visit the Library Information page for more information and to find answers to Frequently Asked Library Questions. You can click the link to the right or you can click here.

Early Morning Check Out

M-F   8:00-8:15

Mrs. Peterson will always try to open the library even earlier than 8 am if possible. If the door is open, all 1st-8th grade students are welcome. There are usually a lot of students in the morning, so don't wait until the warning bell at 8:10 to come find your books.


Book Club (Grades 6-8)

For students who really love to hear a great story! Book Club is not a discussion group, it is simply a "listening group." Come relax and listen to Mrs. Peterson or Mrs. Woodhouse share a great book. Book club is every day during the recess portion of middle school lunch. Usually the students in the book club help to choose the next read aloud.


Click here to find more information about current and upcoming book fairs.
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