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Grades K-2 Parent Info + Jesse and Friends Videos For Kids (3 episodes) each episode includes "The Funny Tummy Song."
Grades 3-5 Play, Like, Share Videos (3 episodes) + Band Runner Internet Safety Game + Stay Safe advice for kids.
Grades 3-5 Parent Info
The Usborne/Kane Miller book fair was a great success!  Thanks to everyone who participated, the library was able to earn more than $1000 in free books.  The next book fair will be the Scholastic BOGO Book Fair that will run from April 19-23, 2021.
What's New for the 2020-2021 School Year?

You might be wondering what the library will be doing differently during the school year to help mitigate the effects of Covid-19.  Click on the sections below to find out.

1. Limited Patrons:

Generally there will only be around 10 patrons in the library at a time. 

2. One Touch Shelf Markers:

Instead of sharing shelf markers, we have established a "ready" and "used" bucket for shelf markers.  Used shelf markers will be quarantined for 3 days before being put into service again.


3. Book Quarantine:

Library books that are returned will go through a 3 day quarantine cycle before they will be available for checkout. 

4.Social Distance Seating:

Library seating has been spaced to remind and encourage social distance guidelines.


5.Increased Cleaning:

 High touch surfaces such as desktops and doorknobs will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.


To accommodate possible wait times in the morning, the library will be opening 15 minutes earlier than we have in past years.


Library Hours

M-Th   7:45-2:45

F   7:45-1:00


Because Mrs. Peterson has after school duties elsewhere in the building, the library is closed after school. If you have any questions or concerns, the best way to contact Mrs. Peterson is to email her: librarian@reaganacademy.org.


Visit the Library Information page for more information and to find answers to Frequently Asked Library Questions. You can click the link to the right or you can click here.

We usually have quite a crowd in the library for early morning checkout.  To accommodate your love of reading and still maintain appropriate social distancing, we are opening our doors 15 minutes earlier.


Each morning you will find a bucket with 10 shelf markers placed outside the door.  If the bucket is empty, that means that there are already 10 people inside.  You should line up against the wall by Mr. Adamson's door until another person exits the library.  There are book cutouts along the baseboards to help you remember not to stand too closely while you are waiting for your turn.

In grades 1st-5th, classes will come by halves, this year.  One half of the class will come for checkout while the other half hears the library lesson.  Then the two groups will switch so the first will hear the lesson and the second group will checkout.  This will make social distancing possible while students are in the library. See "Middle School Checkout Times" for information about 6th-8th grade students.


On Monday and Wednesday, middle school students will be able to come during the recess portion of their lunch period. 


6th Grade:

A bucket with 10 shelf markers will be placed outside the library door for the 6th grade.  Students will need a shelf marker to come into the library.  If the bucket is empty, try again another day. Remember we are open every morning for 30 minutes.


7th / 8th Grades:

You will need to get a library pass from the lunchroom cashier.  There will only be 10 available each day.  If there are no passes left, you will need to try again another day. Remember we are open every morning for 30 minutes.

For students who really love to hear a great story! Book Club is not a discussion group, it is simply a "listening group." Come relax and listen to Mrs. Peterson or Mrs. Woodhouse share a great book.


Book Club is on Tuesday and Thursday during the recess portion of middle school lunch. After the first book is finished, usually the students in the book club help to choose the next read aloud.


This year, students must sign up for Book Club - Seating is limited. Once you have signed up, that spot is yours for the entire book. Please let Mrs. Peterson or Mrs. Woodhouse know if you want to be included. They will add you to the list. Sign-ups are open until all the spots are filled. If you come partway through the story, we will fill you in on what you might have missed. We just started new books for March:


6th Grade Book: Hoot by Carl Hiaasen


7th/8th Grade Book: The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale







Click here to find more information about current and upcoming book fairs.