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Library & Book Fair Information

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WHAT: A voluntary reading incentive program at the Reagan Academy Library


WHO:  Students in 1st through 8th grades may participate*


WHERE & WHEN:  Read books anywhere and anytime – books may be read by the student or read to the student



  • Read 8 books – 2 of the books need to be a chapter book on student’s reading level - graphic novels do NOT count as a chapter book (1 chapter book for 1st grade)
  • Record titles on the green “Pop open a good book!” bookmark.
  • Rate the books – 5 stars means it was a favorite
  • Fill out info on back – includes parent signature
  • Return to the library and choose a small prize – 1 green bookmark always = 1 small prize
  • 2 completed bookmarks qualify student to receive a small bag of popcorn at the end of the day on “Popcorn Day” (2 popcorn days per year – awarded during Dec. and Apr. book fair)**

WHYBecause just like popcorn is yummy for your tummy, books are yummy for your brain!


*Kindergarten students may participate only with the assistance of an adult – the adult will be responsible to turn in the bookmarks and collect any prizes for the student.


**Can’t have popcorn?  No worries – Let Mrs. Peterson know.  On Popcorn Day you may come to the library and claim 2 additional small prizes instead of receiving popcorn.

Hours of Operation:

M-Th   8:00-2:45

F   8:00-1:00


  • The library is open for *ALL students in the morning from 8:00-8:15.
  • The library is closed after school.
  • Middle School check out is in the morning before 8:15 or during the recess portion of lunch.
  • Parents are also welcome to check out up to 10 books. See a librarian to set up a parent account.

When can my child come to the library?















L. Fox

















Jones (Reading Class)

Rose (Reading Class)

Jarrett (Reading Class)

 Blackburn (Reading Class)



Every day in the morning or at lunch recess


Every day in the morning or at lunch recess


Every day in the morning or at lunch recess

K *Please see special instructions for kindergarten children
*Library for Kindergarteners
  • The library provides a lesson and a selection of books for each kindergarten classroom every 2 weeks.  Books from the library are only used in class and are not taken home by kindergarten children.
  • EXCEPTION: Kindergarten children are allowed to check out a book only if they are with a parent or an older sibling in the library (usually before school).  In such cases, the parent or older sibling will take home the checked out book for the kindergarten child.


September 11-15: Scholastic


November 27-Dec 1: Paper Pie (Formerly Usborne Books and More)


April 15-19: Scholastic BOGO

What are the Book Fair Hours?

M-Th 7:45-3:30

F 7:45-1:30

Family events with evening hours are usually scheduled some time during the week.  Please check book fair signs for special events.


When can students shop?

  • when their class comes to library
  • before school
  • at recess
  • recess part of lunch 
  • No students are allowed after school without an adult


What books are available at the fair

  • Scholastic Fairs:  There will be a variety of Scholastic books available.  Please check the flyer that will be sent home 2 or three days before the fair to get an idea of books that will likely be included in the fair.  Please be advised that the school does not select the books and the actual books in the fair may vary slightly from those shown in the flyer.  Books are chosen and sent from Scholastic based on availability at the time of the fair.
  • Paper Pie (Formerly Usborne Books and More): This is one of our favorite fairs showcasing books that kids really love to read! Books are selected by our fantastic Paper Pie Representative, Shauna Zollinger, who always brings a huge selection of amazing books that are just right for hungry readers and parents looking for gifts. Shauna is extremely knowledgeable about the contents of most of the books and can help you handpick a "just right" book.  She is also willing to help you order any SmartLab Toys, Learning Wrap-ups, Usborne Books, or Kane Miller Books that are available in the catalog, even if they are not present at the fair. Be sure to come talk to her with any questions.


What forms of payment are acceptable?

Cash, check (made out to Reagan Academy), or Credit cards are accepted.  Kami Millward, our book fair chairman, can arrange for Venmo payments if you come speak with her. Only currency from the United States is accepted.  


Can my child come with me to shop?

  • Yes! However, if you are shopping during school hours and pull your child from class to come shop, please remember they will still be responsible for any missed work.  

For students who really love to hear a great story! Book Club is not a discussion group, it is simply a "listening group." Come relax and listen to Mrs. Peterson or Mrs. Woodhouse share a great book. Book club takes place during the recess portion of middle school lunch. Usually the students in the book club help to choose the next read aloud.