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COVID-19 School Updates Case Count Information

The purpose of an increased presence about case totals is to better help everyone make personal decisions on what they need to be prepared for to keep people safe, healthy and in school. It is NOT intended to scare, worry or cause anxiety. The information shared is general and vague on purpose in following with the discussed privacy measures. However, I do think it gives enough to make informed decisions about precautions to take as each family sees fit.

LEA Specific - License Requirement Policy

We employ educators with an LEA Specific License and/or endorsement. 93% of our full-time staff educators hold a professional license and 7% of our full-time educators hold an LEA Specific License. The license type definitions and educator look-up tool link is provided in the policy. Click on "download file" to view the policy.
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Mission & Vision Statement

Reagan Academy is a K-8 public charter school.
Our vision is to instill in each child a lifelong love of learning and serving by challenging their mind and nurturing their heart.
Reagan Academy's mission is to:
BUILD an excellent academic foundation for all students
ENSURE that each child is challenged and progressing
INSPIRE integrity and a spirit of citizenship