Our School

Reagan Academy is a public charter school serving Kindergarten through 8th grade. Reagan Academy seeks to provide a safe, disciplined, and nurturing environment in which students may reach academic and personal goals. This is achieved through limited class sizes, a challenging classical core curriculum, ability-level grouping together with active remediation and advancement. Reagan Academy exists in order that its graduates possess an excellent academic foundation, demonstrate personal responsibility and moral integrity, and value the founding principles of American society.
Our Kindergarten is half day with four classes total. Two classes of Kindergarten in the AM and two classes in the PM. Sixth through eighth grade follows a middle school schedule of 9 periods per day.
Reagan Academy projects to enroll 675 total students. The number of new students that will be enrolled through our annual lottery varies by total number and by grade.  This depends on the number of students that transfer to other schools during the previous school year.  There will always be 80 new kindergarten spots open each year.  On average we enroll 55 to 60 new students in grades 1-8.  We have an 88% to 92% retention rate historically. 
Applications for the lottery begin in early January and are accepted until the day of the lottery, which is the last Friday of February.  The application can be found on this website, on the front page, middle of the page, in the quick link section.  If your student is selected in the random lottery you will receive registration materials and will need to register within the deadline provided in the email, if you fail to register your spot will be offered to another student and your student will go to the wait list.  If your student is not selected in the lottery they will be placed on a wait list and ordered by the lottery results. 
You can always apply using the lottery enrollment application after the lottery to get on the wait list.  If school has already begun, you can still apply and be placed on the wait list, if there is an opening you will be notified and will need to register within the deadline provided in the email and transfer to Reagan from your current school.  This is done by completing the registration and attending classes at Reagan.  We will request records from your previous school directly.  There is no transfer fee, however some fees may apply depending on the grade level, a fee schedule can also be found on our webpage.