Partnership in Education

Parent Involvement
The school is named after President Ronald Reagan for a very specific reason.  When President Reagan ran for and was in office he envisioned a partnership between home and school for the best environment for student outcomes. Studies over time have concluded that a school can influence a students learning to about 35% of what they know.  That means 65% of learning comes from home, church, social avenues and experience outside of school.  Each plays a key role in a student's overall learning and application. Reagan Academy has adopted this vision and encourages the active participation of "home" with school. There are many ways this can be accomplished but the most recognized is volunteering. Volunteerism is natural and summed up in the word itself, it is someone providing a service without being coerced or for monetary increase or advantages gained by the service. It is voluntary. We invite you to volunteer as often as possible, like most things, the more you put into something the greater the benefits. Our Parent Volunteer Organization and front office staff have many suggestions for those seeking opportunities.