5th Grade Orchestra (Period 9)


Cello position and 1st finger E

Please note how Payton holds her cello. Make sure your cello rings when you pizzacato your first finger E. You need to be pressing down hard enough with your first finger to make a little line on your first finger.

Violin/viola hand placement for 1st finger E

This video describes how to play 1st finger E which we learn about on page 8 in your book. Please note my hand posture - no pancake wrist!!!

Whole note lesson pg. 7

This is the lesson that goes with pg. 7 in String Basics Book 1 this week. Be prepared to do the playing test for exercise 22 "Crazy Counting" by the end of the week. Here is the flipgrid link to send your playing test https://flipgrid.com/a98faaf5 Good luck!

How to hold a Violin or Viola

This is a lesson on how to properly hold your violin or viola. Please make sure you have a shoulder rest! If you need me to put finger tapes on your instrument, please email me and drop your instrument off at the front office. I will email you back when your instrument is ready to be picked up. If you need me to look at how you are holding your instrument please set up a zoom conference time with me after school when I can help you.

Half note lesson Sept 2 pg. 5 in your book

This is a zoom video of a half note lesson on Sept. 2 I taught to the cellos. It applies to the violins also and goes with pg. 5 - 6 exercises 6 - 16.

Online learners Planbook - please check weekly

Please do the Daily Questions listed in Planbook for your day (violins are Tues. and Thurs) and email  me the answers by each Friday by 12noon.  If you have a playing test that week - here is the flipgrid link for playing tests: 
I will count your student's attendance for being in class if they complete a weekly flipgrid of them playing (either a playing test or a couple exercises) and email me answers to their Daily Questions by Friday of each week.  The violin zoom conference is every Tues. during their classtime but zoom attendance is not mandatory.  We will just be rehearsing.
Here is the planbook link:
Please check this every Monday!

How to tune your violin

This is a basic video on how to tune using a snark tuner. Please turn your pegs very slowly. To make your pitch go higher turn the peg up toward the ceiling. To make the pitch go lower, turn the peg slowly down toward the ground. Please have your student send me a flipgrid of them tuning their D string at this link https://flipgrid.com/b4eaad33 Thanks!

How to tune a stringed instrument video links

Here are three videos about how to tune a violin/viola and cello.  The first video tells why and how we use the pegs and fine tuners.  Here is the link:  https://youtu.be/qbufOE9Ya0Q
This video shows how to use the snark tuner to tune a violin:
Remember the names of the strings from left to right on a violin are G, D, A and E.  On the viola and cello the strings from left to right are C, G, D and A.  
Here is a link on how to tune a cello. (I don't like that he is using his bow.  Just pluck the string with your right hand and tune with your left hand.)
Please be very careful tuning your stringed instrument because if you turn the peg too tight it will snap.  Turn your pegs in very small increments while pushing the peg in.  Remember "righty tighty - lefty loosey" .Good Luck!