2nd Grade Music


Here is a screen shot of Musicplay - an online music website for elementary students.  Click on the orange "Student Login Guide" to the right of the screen to find out how to access the online lessons.

Elementary Music for Online learners

If you are in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade and would like to do music at home I am going to give this link to the Musicplay website.  Click on your grade and look around the site! There are music games, videos and ways you can learn about rhythm, note reading and listening activities.  Click on the link below and then click on the "Student Login Guide" which will give you information on how to access the online learning section.  This online learning section will give you lesson plans, activities and worksheets your student can do at home.  I will be using this website in the classroom as well. Online students don't need to turn in anything to me - just participate in the lessons at home.
Here is the link:
Have fun!
Mrs. Ahlborn

Link to my Elementary Music lesson plans

Here is a link for my elementary music lesson plans for this week and next week.  It says 3rd grade on it, but I will be using differentiated versions of this for 1st -4th grade these two week.  Feel free to click on the links included in the lesson plan.  You can scroll through the different days by clicking the arrows in the left hand corner.  Sorry if you can't access the book "A Little spot Stays Home" from my kindle reader.  It is a great book about Covid for children and why we wear masks, social distance and quarantine etc.  "The Anxiety Spot" is another great book about how to manage our anxiety.  I will be using the "Spot" books this year in my curriculum.