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  • 3:05 8th Grade Graduation Video

    Uploaded May 27, 2021 by Mrs. Ahlborn
  • 2:48 Chamber Orchestra's year in review

    Thank you Chamber Orchestra for experiencing this unique year with me! You've made me a "Believer" in resilience - thank you for your amazing examples of patience, joy in adversity and tenacity. We did it! We did orchestra during a pandemic! Best Wishes to my 8th graders - you can do amazing things!

    Uploaded May 25, 2021 by Mrs. Ahlborn
  • 10:12 Outfox Those Charming Smoozers

    This video contains 12 commercials that demonstrate each of the 12 marketing strategies outlined on the worksheet. Please watch the commercials and determine which strategy corresponds to which commercial. Although some commercials may seem to include more than one strategy, there will be one primary strategy used for each. As you are matching strategies to commercials, each strategy should be used. 12 commercials, 12 strategies. Let me know of any questions.

    Uploaded Apr 16, 2021 by Mr. Bridges
  • Smoking and Biofeedback

    10 min video about physical effects smoking has on the human body

    Uploaded Mar 08, 2021 by Mr. Bridges
  • 50:01 Harley Davidson V-Rod Video

    Please watch the video and complete the worksheet. This was done in class but I am posting here for those who were absent. Please contact me with any questions.

    Uploaded Feb 02, 2021 by Mr. Bridges
  • 3:32 Guide to adding Audio to Google Slides

    Uploaded Dec 05, 2020 by Mr. Hoole

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