Reagan Academy

Jan. 21: No School   Jan. 22-25: Hope Week   Feb. 1: Skate Night


I'm excited for this year. I'm looking forward to meeting each new student and getting started on this adventure we call education. Please check out my webpage and use this to get information about events and to help your student with homework. 


  Students will finish up geology and move on to study heredity.
After the Revolution, a government was needed to create order in the new country. Students will learn about the constitution and the basics on how the government works.
Ever been climbing? I have. If you climb with a partner, you both climb higher than you can alone. The same can be said with school. And parents, we are partners. I believe in teaching students what they need to know to be outstanding citizens as adults. I believe students need to learn in their own style and at their own pace. I also believe children and their teachers cannot reach their full potential with out parents as partners. KUDOS for you.