I'm Mrs. Ahlborn and I teach K - 4th grade general music and 5th -8th grade orchestra.  Almost the entire school!!  I love music and sharing it with Reagan Academy students!  
K-4th grade will each be given their very own percussion kit the 2nd week of school that they will need to bring to music class every week.  (Don't lose it or you will have to make your own or clap the rhythms while the class plays them.)  If possible, please send a box of crayons and a pair of scissors for your student's music kit that they can use in music class.  Students are welcome to add to their music kits anything they feel they need to succeed in music this year.
For 6th grade orchestra the new book is String Basics Book 1 by Jeremy Woolstenhume and Terry Shade. The 7th graders will be using String Basics Book 2 and the 8th graders need String Basics Book 3. 5th grade is using String Basics Book 1. 

I love working with my students and watching them grow!
Please watch my "Back to School Night Videos" for K-4th grade, 5th grade orchestra and 6th-8th grade orchestras before your students come to school!



5th grade is awesome!

5th grade orchestra students should be practicing Hot Cross Buns, Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Please encourage your student to practice!

Hop Old Squirrel with 8th graders

This is a piece my 8th grade AT's and some percussion students did in preparation of teaching it to 4th graders this year! We had a lot of fun doing it!

7th grade orchestra composing with Boomwhackers

We composed with Boomwhackers today in 7th grade orchestra. They did an awesome job!

Welcome to Freddy the Frog for K-3

This year I have a new music curriculum that involves a little frog puppet named "Freddy" the frog.  Freddy is from Treble Clef island which is a map of the treble clef staff.  The children will be learning treble and bass clef notes with Freddy as well as rhythmic notation.  I am looking forward to using Freddy in my classroom!

Welcome Back To School!

This year is going to be an amazing year! This is a break down of what is happening in each grade I teach:
K-3 grades will be meeting Freddie the Frog who is going to help teach us about the grand staff and how to read notes.
4th grade will learn about boomwhackers, guitars and recorders.
5th grade orchestra students need to purchase their instruments and the String Explorer music book.
6th grade orchestra students need to purchase String Basics book 1.
7th-8th grade orchestras are starting out with String Basics book 2 with the hope we will finish the year in Book 3.
Thanks for sharing your children with me!
Mrs. Ahlborn

Playing an instrument is hard - but worth it!!

At the core of every true talent there is an awareness of the difficulties inherent in any achievement, and the confidence that by persistence and patience, something worthwhile will be realized. -- Eric Hoffer

Practice doesn't make perfect -- practice makes permanent!