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  • 3:27 Liberty Bell March by Denise Gagne

    3rd and 4th grade will be virtually performing this for Veteran's Day this year. Please have your student practice with any kind of stick you can find including pencils or pens. If possible, please have them wear a red, white or blue polo (collared) shirt on Mon. Oct. 12th (Russon's Class),Wed. Oct. 21st (Crowder's class) and Thursday Oct. 22nd (Bursey's class). 4th grade please wear a polo shirt on Mon. Oct. 12th and Oct. 19th. This helps us look sharp and professional for the video! They are amazing! Thanks!

    Uploaded Oct 07, 2020
  • 3:06 Dragon Hunter by Richard Myer performed by 7th Grade

    Just in time for Halloween! Our favorite song yet! Dragon Hunter by Richard Myer. Great job!

    Uploaded Oct 01, 2020
  • 2:18 Canon in D ex. 11 practice with Mrs. Ahlborn

    Here is a video to help you practice Canon in D. You can play along with me to solidify your notes or you can play it as a round and start after me at the beginning when I reach measure 4. Good Luck!

    Uploaded Oct 01, 2020
  • 1:21 6th Grade Performing Country Gardens

    Uploaded Sep 30, 2020
  • 00:35 I Am A Falcon Chant

    Mrs. Fox's class did a great job doing our Falcon Chant!

    Uploaded Sep 29, 2020
  • 1:08 Cello position and 1st finger E

    Please note how Payton holds her cello. Make sure your cello rings when you pizzacato your first finger E. You need to be pressing down hard enough with your first finger to make a little line on your first finger.

    Uploaded Sep 23, 2020
  • 2:56 Violin/viola hand placement for 1st finger E

    This video describes how to play 1st finger E which we learn about on page 8 in your book. Please note my hand posture - no pancake wrist!!!

    Uploaded Sep 22, 2020
  • 3:57 More Bow Tips

    Here is a little more information like how to rosin your bow and what a bow lift looks like. I mention wiping your violin/viola off each time you play it. You can use a clean towel or as I said some cases come with a fabric cover for your instrument and you could use that.

    Uploaded Sep 17, 2020
  • 7:50 How to hold a violin/viola bow

    Please watch this video with your bow.

    Uploaded Sep 15, 2020
  • 00:40 4th Grade Music AT's Drumming

    These ladies are amazing! Loved their drumming demonstration for 4th graders!

    Uploaded Sep 15, 2020
  • 3:50 Immortal Gladiator

    7th grade was supposed to perform this last year at our year-end concert. Better late then never!

    Uploaded Sep 14, 2020
  • 2:22 Whole note lesson pg. 7

    This is the lesson that goes with pg. 7 in String Basics Book 1 this week. Be prepared to do the playing test for exercise 22 "Crazy Counting" by the end of the week. Here is the flipgrid link to send your playing test
    Good luck!

    Uploaded Sep 14, 2020