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I'm Mrs. Ahlborn and I teach K - 4th grade general music and 5th -8th grade orchestra.  Almost the entire school!!  I love music and sharing it with Reagan Academy students!
4th graders will be learning percussion on xylophones, strings on guitars and woodwinds on recorders so they can choose what music class they would like to do for 5th grade: band, orchestra, or choir!
For 6th and 7th grade orchestra the new book is String Basics Book 1 by Jeremy Woolstenhume and Terry Shade. The 8th graders need String Basics Book 3. 5th grade is still using String Explorer Book 1. 

I love working with my students and watching them grow!

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7th-8th grade Music Festival opportunity

Hello Reagan Academy 7th and 8th grade Orchestra Students and Parents!

We have an exciting opportunity on Friday March 29th to participate in a Charter School Festival.  All Charter schools have been invited to this Festival at Paradigm Charter School in South Jordan.  Festival is when our orchestra performs in front of 1 to 3 music judges who give us a rating on our performance.  The ratings include Superior, Excellent, Good and Fair.  They judge us on things such as tone quality, intonation, rhythm, balance, technique, musicality, and performance factors.  It is a tremendous growing experience for all of us and a great learning experience.  Going to festival is comparable to a championship game for any sports team – it is that important!  It is imperative each student is there to participate! 

With that being said, Charter Festival is on Friday March 29th – the day before Spring Break.  If your student cannot make festival on that day because of family plans, please email me by Friday Jan. 25th.  If we don’t have enough students participating, then we will not go to the Charter school festival this year.

Thanks for your patience and support!  Have a nice 3 day weekend!  I hope to hear from you soon!

Mrs. Ahlborn

Reagan Academy Music Teacher

Mrs. Smith's 1st grade class singing a round

I've been trying to teach this Christmas round to the children and this group did exceptionally well at it - especially for a 1st grade class!!! Way to go students!!

Effort! Check out this video about how playing a musical instrument makes you smarter!

Effort is one of the things that gives meaning to life. Effort means you care about something, that something is important to you and you are willing to work for it. It would be an impoverished existence if you were not willing to value things and commit yourself to working toward them.  -- Carol Dweck(author of the Mindset)

This is a video based on a TED talk titled "How Playing An Instrument Benefits Your Brain" by Anita Collins.


Good Job Parents for enrolling your students in orchestra!

Rock On!

Mrs. Ahlborn


Orchestra Concert Dec. 12th!

5th and 6th grade concert starts at 6:30pm
7th and 8th grade concert starts at 7:30pm
See you there!

Reagan Academy Music Department Partnership

This is the Reagan Academy Music Department Partnership form I gave out at Parent/Teacher Conferences.  I handed these out the day after to students whose parents did not attend conferences.  It is worth points for your student's grade for the student and parent to fill this form out and return it to me.  This records your student's goals for orchestra and how parents can help them fulfill those goals.  Please help your student by filling it out and having them turn it in.  Thanks for your support!

Mrs. Oligshlager's class singing "My Paddle/Land of the Silver Birch"

We learned how to play the Em chord on the guitar and are singing a duet of "My Paddle" and "Land of the Silver Birch."
We would like to invite any Reagan Academy families that may have veterans in their family to please attend our annual Veteran's Day Breakfast and program on Monday Nov. 12th at 9am.
Dress rehearsal for the program is Thursday Nov. 8th at 1:45pm in the gym.  All P.M. kindergarten parents are invited to see the afternoon kindergartners participate.

5th grade playing Mary Had a little Lamb

Watch this with your student and have them tell you one thing they did really well and one thing they can improve upon.

8th grade playing Terra Nova

Please watch with your student and have them tell you one thing they did really well and one thing they can improve upon.